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Have these GIFs.

Now for the million dollar question, should I give the nipnops of the demons I draw a slightly darker colour or should they have the colour of the rest of the skin? 

6 deviants said They should be darker!
1 deviant said They should have the same colour as the rest of skin!

[Species info] LD: races

Wed Feb 25, 2015, 7:49 PM

More on Livian Demons, this time on the races that exist so far. This journal will mostly include physical features and details, not information about the culture. I have yet to figure out most cultural aspects and the way different cultures interact with each other, so don't expect that one in the near future.

As always, this journal is subject to change.

Northerner race

Northern by ElithianFox



Northerner demons have a vibrant red skin colour that comes in both light and dark tones. They are on average smaller, chubbier, and have a unique hair colour possibility: brown to black gradients, where the hair is brown near the roots and progresses into black near the tips.


  • Avg. height: 157-170cm (5'1"- 5'7")
  • Avg. weight: 50-65kg (110-143lbs)
  • Home country: Demonic Mainlands
  • Native language: Main N. Demonic
  • Defining features:
    • Smaller of height
    • Gain fat more easily
    • More childlike facial features, often accompanied with large eyes
    • Exclusive hair colour: brown to black gradient. Only available for purebloods and near purebloods
  • Most common...
    • ... Eye colours: Browns and purples
    • ... Hair colours: Brown, black, demon exclusive colours, and Northern gradient
    • ... Horn colours: Light colours bordering white and yellow


    List of Northerner characters




Mixed race

Easterner race

Eastern by ElithianFox



Easterners are fair orange skinned demons. They often have a lighter colour palette, are smaller in height, and have more feminine, more smooth, and more childlike features and bodies.


  • Avg. height: 158-169cm (5'2"- 5'6")
  • Avg. weight: 46-58kg (101-127lbs)
  • Home country: Alexij Lands
  • Native language: Main E. Demonic
  • Defining features:
    • Smaller of height
    • Putting on weight is harder
    • More petite, feminine, and childlike facial features, often accompanied with large eyes
    • Light and soft colours
  • Most common...
    • ... Eye colours: Purples, blues, and browns
    • ... Hair colours: Light colours (blond, white, light brown), ginger
    • ... Horn colours: Light colours bordering white and yellow


    List of Easterner characters





Mixed race

Westerner race

Western by ElithianFox



Westerners are red skinned demons whose skin colours come both in light and dark tones, but theirs is generally much duller and less vibrant. On average they have more rough and more masculine looking features and bodies. Much of the race has mixed with the Northerner race since they inhabit their lands and live amongst them.


  • Avg. height: 164-174cm (5'4"- 5'8")
  • Avg. weight: 55-65kg (121-143lbs)
  • Home country: Demonic Mainlands
  • Native language: Main N. Demonic
  • Defining features:
    • Normal height
    • More manly facial features
    • Dull and less vibrant colours
  • Most common...
    • ... Eye colours: Browns and purples
    • ... Hair colours: Light colours (blond, white, light brown), demon-specific colours
    • ... Horn colours: Light colours bordering white and yellow


    List of Westerner characters


None so far




Mixed race

  • Emily - Northerner
  • Markus - Easterner

Southerner race

Southern by ElithianFox



Southerners are large vibrant orange to brown skinned demons. They have darker colours in their palette and are often buff and strong. They're usually not of mixed race and very close to pureblooded, mostly due to the isolation on their island and cultural values that disapprove of reproduction between a Southerner and a non-Southerner or non-Ashen race. Because of how difficult Ashen have it with reproducing offspring with people outside their own race, the Southerner race remains pure.


  • Avg. height: 164-178cm (5'4"- 5'10")
  • Avg. weight: 65-85kg (143-187lbs)
  • Home country: Kenarii
  • Native language: Main S. Demonic
  • Defining features:
    • Large height
    • Often buff and strong
    • Rare eye colours
  • Most common...
    • ... Eye colours: Browns, amber, red
    • ... Hair colours: Dark colours, browns
    • ... Horn colours: Dark and light brown 


    List of Southerner characters




None so far


Mixed race

Ashen race

Ashen by ElithianFox



Ashen demons are grey to black skinned demons, usually with barely any coloured tones in their skin colour. They are tall and skinny on average with more masculine features. It's almost impossible for them to produce offspring with non-Ashen races, so their race is almost completely pure.


  • Avg. height: 167-180cm (5'6"- 5'11")
  • Avg. weight: 60-70kg (132-154lbs)
  • Home country: West Kenarii
  • Native language: Ashen tongue
  • Defining features:
    • Largest height of all races
    • Often skinny
    • More manly and rough features
    • Dark colours
  • Most common...
    • ... Eye colours: Browns, grey, and purples
    • ... Hair colours: Blacks, whites, reds
    • ... Horn colours: Dark colours bordeing brown


    List of Ashen characters


Note: Ashen are very rarely of mixed race or non-purebloods. This is because it is very hard for an Ashen and a non-Ashen to produce offspring. The race is mostly pure.




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