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    So here's a thing I've been wanting to do for a while, a worldbuilding discussion, or in short, WD. Basically, I'll be talking about a few worldbuilding ideas for Life, a world of mine, and try to get a little discussion going. Feel free to join in if you want to.

Hybrid humanoid creatures

    This discussion will be about hybrid humanoid creatures, both human and non-human. Well if it's your world, why not add them as you please, I her you ask. The problem is that you can't just have humans sprout a tail of an animal that isn't even like them without an evolutionary explanation. The main focus will therefor be on magic, not evolution, as evolution can't merge animals. 

Naga, taurs, anthros, and other human hybrids

    This part will need some short lore. A good 300 thousand years ago, humans were at their intellectual pinnacle, combining their daily lives with religion. At the same time, a reptilian creature lived alongside them, though they never made more contact than needed. These creatures were mere animals, but they were pretty large.

    The obsession of the humans with religion led to many internal wars, and eventually, they started eradicating themselves. What they considered to be evil started gaining power, and it came to a point where God raptured the entire world, taking millions to their graves. 

    While this did effectively wipe humans off the face of the planet, it did not affect those without a sentient soul, so basically all animals. The rapture brought a gigantic amount of previously dormant mana energy back into activity in a very short period, a matter of seconds. This had a great influence on the animals that lived everywhere. Some where affected by it, but most were just the same as they were before.

    Now what this magic did was give these animals a human soul. The unstable magic also changed the DNA of these animals, merging some of them with human DNA, some of them with each other's DNA (giving us crazy hybrids). Many of these hybrids died pretty soon as some combinations just don't work, but others survived. 

    That is how human hybrids may have come to be. So far, this is only a very new idea, so I have yet to think of which creatures exist and which don't. So far, it has been established that anthro animals are the animals who got a human soul, and whose evolution was pushed towards that of a human. Other creatures can be taurs, naga, harpies, centaurs, mermaids, fairies, and many others. 

Here are a few points that can be discussed.
  :bulletyellow: Which human hybrids would be the most interesting to add to the world?
  :bulletyellow: Which animal hybrids would be the most interesting to add to the world?
  :bulletyellow: Where would these creatures live?
  :bulletyellow: Would they still be able to breed between different types of hybrids, or would they count as a different species on its own?
  :bulletyellow: How can I prevent the world getting cluttered and overly complex with all these new species?

Half-demons and demon hybrids

    Demons did not exist for a very long period after this rapture, so they never got to get their DNA and souls merged with other creatures. Add to that that they were designed to have a completely different sexual system from any other animal, meaning that they can't breed with anything else than a demon, and the fact that they have completely different working bodies (dependent on heat rather than food), they are pretty much isolated within their own species.

    Some hybrids exist already, due to being cursed or modified. Markus was cursed with goat legs, Proskenion had mule legs attached to his body where his own legs used to be. However, I would really love to have other hybrids and races as well, those including:
  :bulletyellow: Half demon, half human.
:bulletyellow: Demons with an ashen black/gray skin colour
:bulletyellow: Aquatic demons
:bulletyellow: Half demon, half other humanoid creature
:bulletyellow: Winged demons

Of course, this would create a lot of questions and things that can be discussed. 
:bulletyellow: Whose reproductive system do they have, if they can reproduce at all?
:bulletyellow: Where do they come from? How did they come to be?
:bulletyellow: Whose cell type would they have?
:bulletyellow: Which qualities would belong to which type?
:bulletyellow: Are there more types of demon hybrids that can be made?
:bulletyellow: How are they perceived by society?
:bulletyellow: Can they breed with each other, or are they an entirely different species?

That'll be it for this discussion. Let's hope that some interesting answers and idea come out of this one, because I have been willing to discuss this one for a long time!

I might post occasional worldbuilding discussion journals. Opinion? 

5 deviants said Interesting, I'd read it, but not participate myself
4 deviants said I'd love to participate in the discussion
No deviants said Not really interested


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If you want me to give critique of some sort on any work, just ask. I love doing so!

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